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Copyright is defined in the Australian Copyright Act 1968 (as amended). This legislation clearly states the legally enforceable rights of the creators of creative and artistic works. Unless stated otherwise all photographs & Video displayed on this website have been taken or created by Dominic Surace (La Sensuelle ). Under Australian law the copyright of those photos and video vests with Dominic Surace (La Sensuelle) for his & her lifetime plus 70 years. In Australia a photo is protected automatically by copyright from the moment it is taken. As a result of international treaties such as the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, other international copyright agreements and multilateral treaties and, more recently, the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement, the Australian copyright is respected in most other countries too. No copyright notice is required in Australia and the absence of any copyright statement does not impact the photographer’s ownership of copyright.


Commissioned Work


Occasionally photos on this website will be displayed that are the result of commissioned work. In general copyright will remain with the photographer, Dominic Surace (La Sensuelle), unless it has been specifically transferred under an agreement relating to that commission. In such instances the owner of the copyright will be declared. Photos & Video where Dominic Surace (La Sensuelle) does not own the copyright are not available for sale. 




Copyright of the photos means Dominic Surace (La Sensuelle) has the exclusive right to reproduce, publish and communicate the photos & Video to the public. Dominic Surace (La Sensuelle) may assign or license that right with or without limitations but that will only ever be granted under written contract or agreement only.




You are infringing the copyright if you intend to use, display, alter or publish any photos on this website without prior consent of Dominic Surace (La Sensuelle) or any subsequent owner of the copyright, even using part of a photo will infringe copyright. 


 Do not steal


Please do not steal images from this website!.

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